Color Matching Your 4x4 Accessories

If your childhood was anything like mine, then from a young age the importance of your appearance to be smart and presentable was always being drummed into you. This generally meant matching up your clothes in a similar style and color. Well, if it was good enough for you, then it’s good enough for your 4x4 and accompanying accessories!

Here at Tessera4x4 accessories, we can really make your pride and joy stand out from the crowd. Putting aside all the extras accessories you can add to your 4x4 truck, such as sporty side hand rails, a mean looking 3 legged roll bar, or a secure and weatherproof roller lid-shutter, we also give you the option to add a bit of color into your life (and your 4x4 accessories!)

For example, when ordering our beautiful globally patented roller lid-shutter, we give you the choice to paint the side rails in a gorgeous “Black Matt” which goes with every color of vehicle. Perhaps you want to match the roller lid with the exact same color of your vehicle? No problem.

We are the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD that offers this service to their customers. All we need is the official color code and name, and within a few days your roller lid shutter will be ready to be shipped to you in the matching color of your 4x4. How’s that for details!?

Check out some of our customers from all over the world who opted to have their roller lid shutters painted the same color as their vehicle:

This beautiful looking Ford Ranger (T6) Limited double cab looks extra special with our roller lid painted "Copper Red" to match the color of its body:

Below, how nice does this fierce VW Amarok with original roll bar and stainless steel cross racks with "Thule" fitting brackets look!? Notice how the roller lid shutter AND the 2 pairs of stainless steel sport design side hand rails were painted “Natural Grey” to match exactly the color of the vehicle:

For those a slightly more adventurous amongst us, see how the “WildTrak Orange” of this Ford Ranger (T6) is complemented when the roller lid shutter is painted the same daring color:

Ford Ranger (T6) Limited proves. This customer got the roller lid shutter, stainless steel sport design side hand rails AND the stylish sport design roll bar all painted “Performance Blue” – I’m sure you’ll agree it looks stunning:

Of course, if you wanted to be a bit more subtle, many of our customers love our fabulous “Black Matt option”. It’s extremely stylish, and because of its matt finish, it really is compatible with every type of vehicle color, as detailed on this Toyota Hilux:

The possibilities are endless. “Sea Grey” color matching roller lid shutter for your Ford Ranger XLT anyone!?

I could literally post hundreds more photos with various colors of the rainbow for different vehicles.

Therefore, if you want your appearance to continue to look good and matching (just as you were told when you were younger), then please contact us about our paint options for our various accessories. We can’t color match your clothes but we can definitely color match your 4x4!