The "Adventurous" VW Amarok

It is a common belief adventures always fascinated the humankind. The seek of exploration, this unceasing fire which burns and feeds the dreams and the soul of every single person, along with wanderlust are the main factors which are leading this world to achieve great things and make new discoveries.

In general, this adventure instinct is common to every life specie. Traditional tales of Inuit mythology reveal the existence of “Amarok”, a gigantic wolf who preferred to hunt alone its prey rather than being in packs with other wolves.

The offspring of all the above mentioned is Volkswagen’s latest pick-up version, the Amarok “Aventura” equipped with the brand new stylish Sports bar.

Volkswagen changed many things in the performance of new Amarok “Aventura”, moreover it has been also characterized as an extensive cosmetic upgrade, and however the needs of our customers to transport items with safety remained the same.

This is where the challenge for Tessera4x4 accessories begins, to produce a roller lid shutter of premium quality, far from its competitors. To achieve the anticipated result many aspects of the roller lid have been redefined and redesigned, such as the side rail parts, as well as the spring and the axis of the housing box, so to perfect match with VW’s Amarok “Aventura” stylish Sports bar. The name we gave SOT 1318 ROLL and believe me this is not yet the end.

What about someone wants greater flexibility to tie, carry and further load cargo on his vehicle? Perhaps a ski instructor who is carrying stuff up mountains would appreciate the fact that we have made a step forward to provide extra equipment to combine with our roller lid shutter, able to assist every customer off road need.

While the stainless steel sport design side hand rails KOY 151 DC SPORT INOX will help you to tie your stuff, the combination with our stainless steel cross racks with “Thule” fitting brackets BAR 920 INOX gives you the option to transport your cargo with safety, as it can withstand up to 50kg extra load.

This unique roller lid shutter SOT 1318 ROLL is available in silver standard aluminum version and of course in the popular “Black Matt” option, a paint of top endurance (baking to 180° for 30 minutes), recommended for heavy duty users, durable and resistant to marks and scratches. It will definitely add a touch of elegance to the indeed impressive VW Amarok Aventura.

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