Zubehör für Ihren 4x4-Pickup


Equip Your Dream Pickup truck with some Great Accessories

Ever wanted to create your dream car? Had visions of what it would look like, but can’t quite picture it? Well dream no more! We have the ultimate tool for you.

Let us introduce you the unique and exclusive, “3D, Build your own truck 4x4 (360° CONFIGURATOR)” by Tessera4x4 accessories available in 8 languages.

Start configuring your dream pickup truck with Tessera4x4 premium quality accessories in every platform, desktop & mobile/tablet friendly version.

Simply select the brand* and model of your vehicle from the main menu.

Once you’ve selected your truck, on the right-hand side you can navigate and choose a variety of accessories such as roll bars, side handrails, loading bars, roof racks, toolboxes to combine with our roller lid-shutter (SOT ROLL Series by Tessera4x4 Accessories).

Of course, the great thing about this tool being 3D is that you can select what your truck will look like from different sorts of angles. Check these great images out:

Click “Change background” button to view your configuration in studio or countryside environment:

Click “360º VIEW” button to view your finished customization in 3D environment and save the High Definition photos.

As you can see, the images created by the 3D tool are excellent and give you a real feel of what your pickup truck would look like with all the accessories added to it.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by our customers is, "Will the roller lid shutter fit to my car which has a factory equipment (roll bar, etc)?"

Well, we are extremely pleased to announce that with our revolutionary 360º CONFIGURATOR you can select the exact model of your car such as “Ford Ranger WildTrak” and customize it accordingly to your needs and style.

Not only this but our 360º CONFIGURATOR incorporates artificial intelligence which will assist you equip and adapt your selections to compatible each other products.

Choose the pickup accessories you wish with no stress or doubt if they are the opt for your car. Our “smart 360º tool” will do the job for you and ensure that every selection you will make can stand on reality.

Once you have finished spinning around your car, you can start all over again, picking different colors and accessories!

Helpful “i” buttons provide you with detailed information of any individual or combination of accessories you wish to equip on your pickup truck.

Additionally, they redirect you to “Ask for a quote” section in which you can fill in your details and get a detailed quotation from our Export Sales department.

Are you confident and happy with what you have created and want to see it in real life?

With just one click you can add all products to the cart and place your order through our webstore.

What about you are in hurry and you do not want to lose your configuration. Of course, we have already thought about it and in our 360º CONFIGURATOR you can easily save and load your configurations.

Simply click the floppy disk icon, copy, and save the code of your current configuration.

Once you are back, launch our 360º CONFIGURATOR and paste your code to retrieve your customization.

Not only this but you can easily share your configuration with family or friends via email or through any of our social media platforms.

Be social and impress your friends with a few clicks:

For those of you that you are seeking every detail, relax and review your customization printed in a pdf file.

In the pdf file which will be generated from the products you have chosen, you will find preview photos, detailed technical data & price and shipping charge information of your personal customization.

So, let us turn your dreams into reality. We have thousands of happy customers who have made their dreams come true and have sent us the evidence. Why don’t you become one of them!? As you can see from 3D tool, it’s really easy!

As you can see, that dream you had about customizing your truck with a whole variety of options, is no longer a dream. Our unique 3D "Build your own truck tool" gives you endless opportunities to build your dream truck.

Head on over to our dream factory instead and make it a reality!

It is just so much fun and very addictive as you make your way through the huge options the 360º CONFIGURATOR provides you with. What option would you go for?

*Available brands Ford, VW, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and SsangYong.